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"Isn't this easier to make it with plastics?"



  • Product Description
  • All plastic will eventually degrade then biodegrade, but modern plastic can lie or float around in the open environment for many decades after its useful life. This form of pollution can be controlled and reduced by using d2w technology. d2w is a polymer-based master batch made with specially formulated IP. When d2w is added to the plastic product, it will control and shorten the degradation and biodegradation process. There is no need to stop using plastic, just add 1% of “d2w inside” your normal product at the manufacturing stage and leave the rest to nature. d2w has been satisfying as the following standard. USA: ASTM D6954-04, UAE Standard: 5009:2009, French standards organization (AFNOR): XP T54-980, BSI (British standards institution): 8472

  • Process
  • Application
    • Bread wrappers and snack-food packets
    • Bags to contain dog faces collected in parks, gardens, etc
    • Bubble-wrap
    • Cling film
    • Carrier bags or Shopper-bags
    • Frozen food packaging Garbage sacks and Bin Liners
    • Gloves and aprons
    • Newspaper and magazine wrappers
    • Rigid products such as bottles, tubs, and cups
    • Shrink-wrap and pallet-wrap
  • For more information, see www.symphonyplastics.com.