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"Isn't this easier to make it with plastics?"


Kingfa Sci. & Tech.

  • Product Description
  • Kingfa was founded in 1993 with registered capital of 1396 million yuan, is china's first listed company in the modified plastics industry. Kingfa is the integration of high-performance modified production and marketing is the state key high-tech enterprise.

    Kingfa, has qualified 600,000 tons of modified plastics production capacity, is the most complete, the largest output production enterprise in China's modified plastics. in September 2004, Kingfa's production base in East China - Shanghai Kingfa had been put into operation. At the same year, Kingfa has established a production base in western China -Mianyang ChangXin new materials development Ltd., created allocation of production and manufacture across the East, South and west in China.

    To further explore the international market, the company has registered "Kingfa" trademark in more than 30 countries including USA, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Mexico, India, South Korea etc. the company has a rapid product sales growth and accomplished sales volume which exceeded 7.51 billion Yuan (tax included) in 2007, In 2010, it is expected on the basis of sales growth of 30%, the company's domestic market share will reach 15 -20%.

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  • Major products
    • PPA: PA10T 630, PA10T R630NH, PA10T R643NH
    • LCP: LCP R840, LCP R850
    • PEEK
    • General engineering plastics: PA66, PBT, PP, ABS, etc
  • For more information, see www.kingfa.hk.