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KCC Silicone

KCC is concentrating on developing high value-added products based on high energy efficiency and environmentally friendly technology. We are also aiming for “One and Only” products that can lead the global market. We are making a leap forward to become “Strong, Trustworthy, and global KCC.” Through quantitative increases in competitiveness that build on our reputation as a trusted world-renowned precision chemical company, we aim to be an unrivalled producer of general construction / industrial materials, paints, and silicone.

  • RTV-1
  • One component type room-temperature vulcanizing liquid silicone, cures into silicone elastomer on exposure to atmospheric moisture in the air at room temperature. RTV-1 performs good adhesion to most substrates of various forms, has excellent weather ability assuring semi-permanency in use, as well as having excellent heat resistance which allows it to be used in a wide range of temperature, ranging from -50’C~200’C. In addition, RTV-1 has excellent electrical properties which are being readily applied in the electronics and electrical industries of all sorts. Generally used for adhering, sealing, coating parts of electric, electronic appliance, transportation equipments, mechanics, etc.

    General Purpose

    • 1) Flowable

    • 2) Non-flow

  • RTV-2
  • Two component type room-temperature vulcanizing silicone is divided into either condensation cure type or addition cure type, according to the curing mechanism. Condensation cure type RTV-2 is much different on the amount of catalyst used and produces alcohol as its by-product whereas addition cure type RTV-2 is temperature dependent and produces no by-products. RTV-2 is capable of deep section cure and the cure rate is adjustable. Excellent at heat resistance, weather ability, cold-resistance and shock relieving capacity as well as the electrical properties, the fundamental properties that silicone products must satisfy. Those fine properties allow RTV-2 to be used in various field of industry which brings improvement in productivity and quality. Generally used as insulating or potting material for electric & electronic machines, mold making cast for vacuum casting and other figurines and decorative objects.

  • LSR(Liquid Silicone Rubber)
  • Liquid Silicone Rubber, also called molding liquid silicone rubber, is heat curing rubber like HTV but has much lower viscosity compared to any HTV or other elastomer which makes it possible flow through an injection molding machine easily and continuously. This led the automatism to the producing process resulting in the increase in productivity and the decrease in cost of production. LSR makes no by-products, but its excellent properties make LSR to be a material of the future substituting HTV silicone rubber.

    General Purpose