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Todays building materials are essentially blends or composites of organic and inorganic chemical products. KCC has long taken pride in its position of a market leader in these chemical fields. Up until recently, the two divisions within KCC operated separately, but now, have been merged together to provide enhanced synergy, cost efficiency, and service to our multitude of highly valued customers.

Consequently, Korea Chemical Co. Ltd, specialized in organic chemical products (mainly paints and resins for paints) has merged with Kumgang Chemical Co.Ltd., into a single legal entity Kumgang Korea Chemical Co. Ltd., but still known as KCC for short.

The technical integration of organic and inorganic chemistry business under one and the same roof ensures better products, better technical services, and more competitive prices. It is KCCs intention to continue to be a worldwide player in its business world in the 21st century and to continue to invest the innovative R&D activities.

Introduction of KCC Silicone Business

KCC has constructed the first silicone monomer production plant in Korea in 2003. KCC makes well advances in the R & D on silicone industry with researchers specialized in the field of silicone monomer, polymer synthesis and the development of applicable products. Thus, KCC has completed the development in silicone-related field successfully. KCC is ready to produce and provide silicone products including silicone sealant for construction, industrial RTV, siane, fluids, emulsion and dispersion as well as rubber. Moreover, KCC intends to make good contributions to promote the competitive power of our customers by supplying products well to their very best needs by concentrating our energies on R & D activities.

Based upon the outstanding and state-of-the-art technologies developed in C.R.I., KCC keeps providing our customers properly with the best quality and reasonable price to increased customers’ value as top priority. In order to consistently achieves this objective, we are aiming targets such as

  • Product Description
  • Epic Resins is a custom formulator of epoxy resin and polyurethane compounds for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) in business since 1958. Epic Resins is unique in the epoxy resin manufacturing industry, offering the most competitive prices on potting compounds and CUSTOM epoxy formulation services to perfectly match YOUR product outcome needs. The customer representatives at Epic Resins have chemistry backgrounds, have worked in OEM manufacturing settings, and listen to you to understand your production process.

    Our staff understands the ways in which we can modify or create epoxy resins, polyurethane compounds, and electronics potting compounds to perfectly fit the needs of your specific manufacturing application because we understand the chemistry. No other custom epoxy formulator is able to offer prices as low as Epic Resins for the custom manufacture of potting epoxies. No other epoxy resin manufacturer offering potting compounds in our price range is able to offer our level of custom epoxy formulation capabilities. Epic Resins is simply the best choice for electronics potting compounds, polyurethane compounds, solar panel encapsulation compounds, moisture cure adhesives, junction box potting compounds, sandwich panel adhesives and all epoxy resins.

    • 1. R & D which is customer oriented.
    • 2. R & D which leads market and technology
    • 3. Fostering outstanding human resources
  • KCC Central Research Institute is an integrated laboratory for researching and developing of chemical products, which has had made many successful and advance technical achievements through its R & D activities since its establishment in Suwon, Gyunggi-Do, Korean in 1979. Since relocation to Yongins, Gyunggi-Do in 1988, it has widened its area and now it is equipped with a main building for labs and administrative offices, 2nd , building for Pilot and labs, some facilities for welfare, houses for testing building materials, human resource developing center for training employees and up-to-date facilities and equipments of over 12.15 acres on the 16.2 acres of land. Now it is being told as an integrated R & D center for fine chemical industry including organic materials such as glass, fiber and composite materials, and more the high-tech material, silicone from combination of the knowledge and experience on organic and inorganic chemical field.